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Trimmer CRONIER CR-16, MarketONE
Trimmer CRONIER CR-16, MarketONE

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Trimmer CRONIER CR-16. Rechargeable type. The body is metal. Advanced cutting system. T-shaped blade made of high quality alloy steel. Works with or without a cord. Includes 3 nozzles 1, 5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and a charger. Shaves clearly and cleanly. Adjustable knives up to 0 mm. Suitable for trimming beards, edging, sanding haircuts.Features: Stainless steel blades. Built-in battery. Does not irritate the skin. Easy to clean with a brush General Features: Purpose: For beard trimming, edging, sanding Type: Rechargeable Power: Battery Usage: Cord / Wireless Blade: Stainless Steel Interface: microUSB LED Indicator: Charging Reminder Charging Time: 2 hours Working time: 2 hours Attached combs: 1.5mm / 3mm 6mm / 9mm motor High speed Rotary over 7200 rpm Nozzle size: 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm.Ability to adjust the knives: up to 0 mm.

Trimmer CRONIER CR-16 MarketONE. Black colour. View 1 Trimmer CRONIER CR-16 MarketONE. Black colour. View 2

General characteristics

Model CR-16


Battery charging time 120 minutes
Battery life 120

Materials (edit)

Blade material Stainless steel


Number of attachments included 4

Length settings

Hair length 0.1-9 mm

Additional Information

Country of Origin Germany
Equipment trimmer; Charger; 4 nozzles

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