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Eyelashes for extension Enigma Mokka (Enigma Mokka), Enigma
Eyelashes for extension Enigma Mokka (Enigma Mokka), Enigma


synthetic monofilament 100%


When building brown tones will always be fashionable and relevant. Enigma Mokka eyelashes are in great demand among women who want to become the owners of an attractive and irresistible look. Enigma Mokka This is a deep brown color without red and green tints. The shade is even and saturated to the very ends. Ideal for blondes, brown-haired and fair-haired girls.

Eyelashes for extension Enigma Mokka (Enigma Mokka) Enigma. View 1

Product characteristics

Product weight with packaging (g) 50 g
Packing width 8 cm
Packing height 12 cm
Packing depth 2 cm
Best before date No expiration date limits
Eyelash thickness 0.10mm
Eyelash curl Bend L 0, 10 | One length
Menu section professional cosmetics
Country of Origin Korea, Republic of
Equipment Enigma Eyelash extension; brown eyelashes for extension; enigma eyelashes; enigma for eyelash extension; materials for enigma eyelash extension; inigma eyelashes; enigma mocha

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