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Cosmetic brush, Ymkal_1_4378yp
Cosmetic brush, Ymkal_1_4378yp

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The bristles are now 10% larger and the handle is even more comfortable! Birch massage brush of medium hardness is a real gift for your body. Beautiful skin begins with proper care - try a dry massage with a body brush and feel its magical effect: deeply cleanses pores, stimulates metabolism, removes toxins and toxins. Arrange for yourself a real SPA procedure without leaving your home. The drainage brush is not only suitable for anti-cellulite body massage, but also helps to cope with stretch marks, ingrown hairs and sagging skin. The elongated ergonomically shaped handle allows you to massage not only the legs, arms and abdomen, but also the back. Home body care now fits in the palm of your hand! All brush movements are performed from the bottom up to the heart. Massage should be started with light movements, gradually increasing the pressure. Massage with a dry brush, do not let the wood get wet, wipe the bristles with antibacterial wipes after use.

Cosmetic brush Ymkal_1_4378yp. The color is beige. View 1

Product characteristics

Brush material Natural pile of medium hardness
Country of Origin China
Equipment Dry body brush

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