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Needles for tattooing 10 pcs., WHAT IS NECESSARY
Needles for tattooing 10 pcs., WHAT IS NECESSARY

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Permanent makeup needle from YAMATA, soldered needle diameter - 0.35, length 50 mm, suitable for Peng tattoo machines such as Giant Sun, GOOCHIE, YAMATA and others. It is used for tattooing eyebrows, eyes, lips. Allows you to make both feathering and thin lines. The needles are made of surgical steel and packed in individual sterile packaging, do not require additional sterilization. They are disposable consumables, are firmly installed in the machine and do not give unnecessary vibration.

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Technical features

Product material stainless steel

Additional Information

Product weight with packaging (g) 5 g
Number of needles 10 pieces.
Packing width 4 cm
Packing height 6 cm
Packing depth 1 cm
Best before date Not more than five years from the date of manufacture
Needle diameter (mm) 0.35 mm
Soldering type RL
Country of Origin China
Equipment 10 needles

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