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Nail polish NEONAIL, NeoNail
Nail polish NEONAIL, NeoNail

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cosmetic composition 100%


MOMENTS is a line of classic varnishes! Choose from 20 shades of nail polish and highlight every moment of your life with a different color! Why are classic varnishes good? Elastic and safe, Suitable for both professional, Home use Indispensable for pedicure The appearance of the product may differ slightly from the picture. The colors of the product images are displayed on different media with an error, and the colors of the applied products vary depending on the use case or lighting. Coating for Base / Top 2in1 NEONAIL 7, 2ml 7191-7 We have created Base / Top 2in1, which is used as a base and as a top coat for classic varnishes. We've been able to seal the best features of these two formulas into one convenient bottle, so you save not only time, but also space in your cosmetic bag.

NEONAIL NeoNail nail polish. Banana color. View 1

Product characteristics

Age restrictions 14+
Purpose of the cosmetic product For nails; Decorative cosmetics for girls; girl
Product weight with packaging (g) 35 g
Volume of goods 7.2 ml
Packing width 2.2 cm
Packing height 6.5 cm
Packing depth 2.2 cm
Best before date 24 - months
Menu section professional cosmetics
Direct deliveries from the manufacturer Yes
Country of Origin Poland
Equipment 1 varnish

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