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Gel Toothpaste for children 2+ YABLOKO 65g, SILCAMED
Gel Toothpaste for children 2+ YABLOKO 65g, SILCAMED

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water, dyes, citrate, flavoring, silica, methylparaben, sorbitol, cellulose gum, sodium saccharinate, sodium lauryl sulfate, Salvia officinalis extract, linden extract


The gel toothpaste is specially designed for young children. Calcium in active form forms strong enamel, which reliably protects milk teeth from caries. Linden and sage extracts relieve itching and irritation during teething. Safe if swallowed. Does NOT contain fluoride. Not tested on animals.

Gel Toothpaste for children 2+ APPLE 65g SILCAMED. View 1

Product characteristics

Age restrictions 2+
Purpose of the cosmetic product oral hygiene; for kids; dental care
Gift purpose to kid; children; boy; girl; daughter, granddaughter, sister
Package laminated tube
Best before date 30 months
Action of the paste enamel strengthening; Cleansing the oral cavity; protection against caries; to strengthen the gums
Menu section for mothers and babies
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment gel toothpaste for children

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