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Toothbrush, Jump Kids
Toothbrush, Jump Kids

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The banana-shaped silicone toothbrush is both a must-have accessory and a fun toy for any baby. Soft bristles thoroughly and safely clean the teeth, and due to the fact that the brush is made entirely of silicone, the baby can gnaw this banana as he wants, thereby massaging his gums. The interesting shape and flexible material are ideal for the little energetic hands of the baby. You will enjoy watching how your baby, playing, learns to self-brush your teeth. Age: from 4 months. Material: silicone.

Jump Kids toothbrush. The color is yellow, white. View 1 Jump Kids toothbrush. The color is yellow, white. View 2

General characteristics

Number of items in a package 1 PC.

Technical features

Product material Silicone; Silicone.

Additional Information

Age restrictions 4+; + 4month
Purpose of the cosmetic product oral hygiene; for mothers and babies
Gift purpose for a child; For the birthday of the child
Occasion just; Birthday March 8 February 14
Product weight with packaging (g) 80 g
Item length 10 cm
Packing width 7 cm
Packing height 12 cm
Bristle stiffness soft
Menu section for mothers and babies
Country of Origin Korea, Republic of
Equipment accessories; for kids; Toothbrush - 1 piece; girls; Massage brush; boys; 4+

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