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Hairdressing scissors, AIVASTYLE
Hairdressing scissors, AIVASTYLE
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Made of high quality stainless steel. Due to its high quality and reliability, this model is among the top sellers of hairdressing scissors in the budget price category. Designed for both professional and home hair care. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it fits comfortably in the hand when working and does not cause discomfort. The increased strength of the plastic rings and the fixed pinky rest increases their wear resistance and distributes the load evenly, which makes them easier to work with and leads to the best results. Scissors do not tear hair when cutting because of the sharp-edged blades that can handle large amounts of hair at once. The handles of the scissors are made of non-slip plastic and the blades are made of brushed steel.

Hairdressing scissors AIVASTYLE. View 1 Hairdressing scissors AIVASTYLE. View 2 Hairdressing scissors AIVASTYLE. View 3 Hairdressing scissors AIVASTYLE. View 4

Technical features

Product material plastic

Additional Information

Purpose of the cosmetic product for hair
Occasion just
Product weight with packaging (g) 100 g
Item length 19 cm
Packing width 9 cm
Packing height 25 cm
Packing depth 2 cm
Type of scissors hairdressing straight
Menu section beauty / hair care
Country of Origin China
Equipment Scissors - 1 pc.

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