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Hairdressing brush - basting, VECHEROK
Hairdressing brush - basting, VECHEROK

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A basting brush is a must-have tool for every skilled hairdresser. Perfect for easy and high-quality hair removal after cutting from the client's face and neck. The ideal tool for a specialist to ensure cleanliness of work and comfort for the client.

Hairdresser's brush - VECHEROK net. View 1 Hairdresser's brush - VECHEROK net. View 2 Hairdresser's brush - VECHEROK net. View 3

Product characteristics

Gift purpose beloved
Occasion for the interior.
Product weight with packaging (g) 150 g
Item Width 4 cm
Item length 16 cm
Packing width 6 cm
Packing height 18 cm
Packing depth 4 cm
Best before date No boundary
Brush Hair Material soft fibers; tree
Country of Origin China
Equipment 1 piece

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