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Disposable hairdressing collars, Amaranth
Disposable hairdressing collars, Amaranth

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A disposable hairdressing collar is an indispensable element in the salon when styling, cutting or dyeing hair. Soft disposable collars made of hypoallergenic nonwoven fabric SMS (spunbond-meldblown-spunbond) protect the client's clothes and skin from fine hairs, chemicals and water when washing hair and cutting. The product reliably fits the contours of the neck without causing any discomfort to the client. In addition, with the help of a collar, the negligee is securely fixed on the client's body. The use of disposable collars is a prerequisite for compliance with the current SanPiN standards. This product is necessary for the comfortable work of the master and for a high level of customer service. As an experienced and reliable manufacturer, Amarant LLC guarantees its customers high quality and functionality of products at the lowest price. In a package of 100 pcs. Product dimensions 7x50 cm. Material density 15 g / m2. Blue color.

Disposable hairdressing collars Amaranth. View 1 Disposable hairdressing collars Amaranth. View 2 Disposable hairdressing collars Amaranth. View 3 Disposable hairdressing collars Amaranth. View 4

Technical features

Product material Spunbond - meltblown - spunbond

Additional Information

Product weight without packaging (g) 50 g
Depth of the subject 7 cm
Item Width 50 cm
Packing width 50 cm
Packing height 3 cm
Packing depth 7 cm
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment 100 pieces

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