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Hair thinning scissors, Skim
Hair thinning scissors, Skim
Video: Hair thinning scissors, Skim
Video: How to use Thinning Scissors To remove weight // Dannah Rey 2023, February


Hair Thinning Scissor Set TV-635 Silver Hairdressing Scissors Set of 2 6 "thinning scissors with one-sided thinning teeth, which makes them ideal for creating an unusual stylish haircut.

Hair thinning scissors Skim. View 1

Other functions

Transportation not dangerous cargo

Additional Information

Product weight with packaging (g) 350 g
Item length 15 cm
Packing width 10 cm
Packing height 7 cm
Packing depth 7 cm
Best before date Is not limited
Type of scissors Hairdresser's scissors
Menu section cosmetics for hairdressers
Country of Origin China
Equipment metal scissors 2 pcs

Technical features

Product material stainless steel

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