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Scissors Jaguar Goldwing GL, Jaguar
Scissors Jaguar Goldwing GL, Jaguar

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Professional hairdressing straight scissors Jaguar GoldWing 5.5 "Gold Line series (article 28155) for manual cutting, slicing. Thanks to the ergonomic arrangement of the handles, work with these scissors takes place without excessive muscle tension, the additional bevel of the rings ensures optimal position of the fingers. uncomfortable sensations - the finger is not compressed, the position of the hand will be comfortable.

Jaguar Goldwing GL Jaguar Scissors. Silver color. View 1

Product characteristics

Product weight with packaging (g) 500 g
Packing width 10 cm
Packing height 2 cm
Packing depth 25 cm
Type of scissors straight
Country of Origin China
Equipment scissors

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