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Clip for curling and curling eyelashes Curler, meizer
Clip for curling and curling eyelashes Curler, meizer

Video: Clip for curling and curling eyelashes Curler, meizer

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Video: Eyelash Curleres , how are they different ? design / curling pad / width / hight / curvature 2023, February


The Meizer eyelash clip is designed to shape your lashes. The device allows you to give your eyelashes a seductive curve, make your look more open and expressive. The eyelash curler is a must-have tool for creating makeup. The tool allows you to curl and visually lengthen the eyelashes. The clip for curling eyelashes is made of high-quality metal, which ensures long-term service for its owner, and the special structure prevents slipping in the hand and ensures comfortable work with it. Thanks to the special structure of the mechanism, the desired curvature of the cilia is achieved without damaging them. The tongs are suitable for daily use. How to use: Place the eyelash curler at the roots of the eyelashes, squeeze slightly 2-3 times for 1-2 seconds. until the lashes take the desired curve. Thanks to their stylish design, they are ideal as a gift!

Clip for curling and curling eyelashes curler meizer. View 1

Additional Information

Purpose of the cosmetic product for eyes; for eyelashes
Product weight with packaging (g) 50 g
Item Height 10 cm
Item Width 5 cm
Best before date Not limited if the recommendations are followed
Menu section Beauty / makeup
Country of Origin China
Equipment Eyelash curler - 1pc

Technical features

Product material metal; rubber

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