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Panty liners bella PANTY Q 20 pcs.x5 pack, BELLA
Panty liners bella PANTY Q 20 pcs.x5 pack, BELLA

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NEW! Ultra-thin breathable panty liners in a bright, attractive design bella PANTY Q sensitive odorless. Bella pads allow the skin to breathe as they use a vapor-permeable protective film. It allows steam particles to pass through and reliably protects against leaks. The thickness of the spacers is only 1 mm. They are suitable for all types of laundry. White gasket. The curly edge of the gasket blends seamlessly with the stylish predatory design. The drawing on siliconized paper emphasizes the unusual and striking design of the package.

Bella PANTY Q panty liners 20 pcs x 5 pack BELLA. View 1

Product characteristics

Package Cardboard film
Product weight with packaging (g) 175 g
Packing width 6.9 cm
Packing height 15.8 cm
Packing depth 15.5 cm
Best before date 1826 days
Purpose of gaskets Daily diaries; breathable, leakproof; Daily Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads
Direct deliveries from the manufacturer Yes
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment gaskets - 5 pack; Daily diaries; gaskets 100 pcs.

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