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Mouthwash (menthol-apple flavor) Lion Kdispenser 200 ml, LION
Mouthwash (menthol-apple flavor) Lion Kdispenser 200 ml, LION

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Prevention of influenza and ARVI. Designed for the whole family, the formula allows children to use the product. The active substance is cetyl pyridinium chloride hydrate, plus a natural antiviral component - eucalyptus extract and a natural antimicrobial component - dill extract, treat the oral cavity during the period of acute respiratory viral infections and colds, while maintaining barrier function of the pharynx. Prevents the penetration of pathogenic bacteria and viruses into the human body. Indispensable during seasonal epidemics as a prophylactic agent. A bottle with a dispenser. Volume 200 ml.

Mouthwash (menthol-apple flavor) Lion Kdispenser 200 ml LION. View 1

Additional Information

Action freshness of breath; Against viruses; prevention
Purpose of the cosmetic product oral hygiene
Product weight with packaging (g) 300 g
Volume of goods 200 ml
Packing height 10 cm
Packing depth 3 cm
Country of Origin Japan
Equipment mouthwash

Other functions

Transportation not dangerous

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