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Rasyan Herbal Clove Set - 3 pcs., Rasyan
Rasyan Herbal Clove Set - 3 pcs., Rasyan
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Thai isme pasta is deservedly popular with people accustomed to natural products. Usually, having visited Thailand and tried it there, then they are looking for where it is possible to buy rasyan herbal clove toothpaste. The rasyan toothpaste has a strong whitening effect, eliminates bad breath and helps to cope with tartar. Recommended for daily use. The packaging has a shape that is not typical for the Russian market of toothpastes and is a small flat jar. The set includes a measuring spoon for applying the paste to the surface of your brush. This method of use allows you to use isme rasyan very economically. Thai rasyan toothpaste includes only natural ingredients, among which I would like to highlight clove oil, which gives the main characteristics to the composition. In addition, it contains menthol and camphor, which give a feeling of freshness after use.

Rasyan Herbal Clove Set - 3 pcs. Rasyan. View 1

Additional Information

Purpose of the cosmetic product oral hygiene
Package Cardboard box + film
Product weight without packaging (g) 75 g
Best before date 60 months
Action of the paste Teeth whitening cleansing
Country of Origin Thailand
Equipment toothpaste - 3 pcs.

Other functions

Transportation not dangerous cargo

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