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Oral balm with mumiyo, 400 ml, Albadent
Oral balm with mumiyo, 400 ml, Albadent
Video: Oral balm with mumiyo, 400 ml, Albadent
Video: Коллекция бальзамов для губ/ Collection of lip balms 2023, February


The balm prevents the growth of pathogenic microbes in the oral cavity, reduces the risk of the first symptoms of periodontitis - bleeding and swelling, improves mineral metabolism, nutrition of the gums and mucous membranes, accelerates tissue regeneration, reduces sensitivity, removes plaque and bad breath. The balm contains mummy, a natural biostimulator with high regenerating activity, which accelerates the restoration of hard tissues and prevents inflammatory processes in the tissues of the periodontium and the oral mucosa; xylitol is an active anti-caries additive, essential oil of clove with antimicrobial properties.

Oral balm with mumiyo, 400 ml Albadent. View 1

Additional Information

Action from bleeding gums
Purpose of the cosmetic product oral hygiene
Product weight with packaging (g) 450 g
Volume of goods 400 ml
Packing width 8 cm
Packing height 20 cm
Packing depth 4 cm
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment mouthwash

Other functions

Transportation not dangerous cargo

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