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Smart Enamel Cuticle Remover 11 ml, FRENCHI
Smart Enamel Cuticle Remover 11 ml, FRENCHI

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Vitamin A vitamin E aloe blue seaweed extract A delicately balanced combination of ingredients, natural ingredients and vitamins has created an effective and fast-acting formula of a preparation that removes cuticles without the use of special cosmetic tools that can injure the nail roll and the base of the nail bed. Potassium hydroxide deadens skin particles in the cuticle area, which allows it to be removed painlessly, vitamins A and E soften and moisturize the nail roll. Blue seaweed extract has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Aloe extract present in the formula of the preparation improves metabolism, strengthens tissue fibers. Method of application: Apply the preparation to a clean cuticle surface. After 2-3 minutes, remove the remnants of the cuticle with a cosmetic stick. Be sure to rinse your hands with warm water and then lubricate the nail roller with Cuticle Conditioner.

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Product characteristics

Age restrictions 16+
Purpose of the cosmetic product for manicure and pedicure
Volume of goods 11 ml
Best before date 36 months
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment Cuticle remover

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