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Toothpaste MARVIS "Fresh Mint", 85 ml, Marvis
Toothpaste MARVIS "Fresh Mint", 85 ml, Marvis

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water, glycerin, aluminum hydroxide, xylitol, mint, colloidal silicon dioxide


Marvis is a fantastic toothpaste from Florence that has been known for over 60 years. The pastes are distinguished by their unique creamy texture and excellent cleansing properties. The cellulose resin included in the composition makes the paste look like heavy cream and prevents it from drying out and delamination, xylitol protects teeth from caries and strengthens, and delicate abrasive substances gently remove plaque and gently polish the enamel without damaging or scratching it. Refreshing scent of the sea with a slight cooling mint flavor: the perfect combination of this toothpaste to immerse yourself in an ocean of freshness. Mass fraction of fluoride 0.0905% (905 ppm).

Toothpaste MARVIS "Fresh Mint", 85 ml Marvis. View 1 Toothpaste MARVIS "Fresh Mint", 85 ml Marvis. View 2

Additional Information

Age restrictions 12+; 18+
Purpose of the cosmetic product oral hygiene
Packing form no pressure
Gift purpose beloved; mom
Occasion Valentine's Day
Package cardboard box
Product weight with packaging (g) 135 g
Product weight without packaging (g) 130 g
Packing width 10 cm
Packing height 17 cm
Packing depth 3 cm
Best before date 36 months
Action of the paste protection against caries; comprehensive care; against plaque
Menu section beauty
Country of Origin Italy
Equipment toothpaste

Other functions

Transportation not dangerous cargo

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