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Toothpaste T.A.J Professional, Denti Flique
Toothpaste T.A.J Professional, Denti Flique

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sorbitol, baking soda, purified water, sodium lauryl sarcosinate, sodium benzoate, passionfruit extract, peppermint extract, silicon hydroxide


Blueberry-flavored toothpaste with excellent whitening effect. The innovative packaging design means you no longer need to worry about applying the paste to the brush - the handy dispenser will do it for you. The non-standard form of the paste made it possible to place in it a volume of active elements equal to 200 ml - this is as much as 3 tubes of ordinary paste. The selection of components of the T.A.J Professional toothpaste is sharpened for careful cleaning of your enamel from stones and dirt. Unlike most other pastes, T.A.J does not use chemically enhanced whitening agents that cleanse teeth by destroying the top layer of enamel. Brushing your teeth with our toothpaste assumes a mild polishing effect, after which your teeth will remain strong and healthy. Blueberry extract has an anti-inflammatory effect and eliminates bleeding gums. Peppermint extract is responsible for the antibacterial effect and leaves your breath fresh all day.

T.A.J Professional Denti Flique Toothpaste. View 1 T.A.J Professional Denti Flique Toothpaste. View 2 T.A.J Professional Denti Flique Toothpaste. View 3 T.A.J Professional Denti Flique Toothpaste. View 4

Additional Information

Age restrictions 6+
Purpose of the cosmetic product oral hygiene; face care; Teeth whitening
Gift purpose to myself, dad, brother, grandfather, husband, beloved, boyfriend
Occasion a gift for no reason; a gift for your beloved;; Gifts just like that; every day, graduation, birthday
Product weight with packaging (g) 250 g
Product weight without packaging (g) 200 g
Packing width 11 cm
Packing height 11 cm
Packing depth 10 cm
Action of the paste Against caries; against tartar; against gum disease
Menu section Korean cosmetics
Country of Origin China
Equipment paste; toothpaste; Toothbrush; Dental floss; toothpaste with a dispenser; toothpaste for sensitive teeth; Toothpaste for caries; DENTAL; large pasta; toothpaste 200ml

Other functions

Transportation not dangerous cargo

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