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Reusable mask, SV Boutique
Reusable mask, SV Boutique

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meltblown 100%


Set of 10 KN95 breathing masks. Five layers of filtration and non-woven material provide protection against viruses and bacteria several times better than conventional medical or cloth masks. And the reusable FFP2 filter protects the respiratory system from small dangerous particles entering the airborne droplets. Fit snugly to the face thanks to the design with a flexible nose clip. Leaves no irritation or marks. Provides a high level of filtration due to MELTBLOWN technology. Convenient for storage and transportation: flat shape and material allow you to fold the mask Important! Protective masks are effective only in combination with other prevention methods: avoiding contact, frequent hand washing, disinfection of objects.

Mask reusable SV Boutique. White colour. View 1 Mask reusable SV Boutique. White colour. View 2 Mask reusable SV Boutique. White colour. View 3

Additional Information

Clasp type without clasp
decorative elements valve
lining material unlined
Equipment mask; Mask for the face; medical mask; respirator with valve - 10 pcs.; respirators 10 pcs. in the original packaging; respirator KN95 10 pcs.; Respirator KN95 with valve 5-layer FFP2; Respirator KN95

General characteristics

Number of items in the package 10 pieces.

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