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Reusable mask, KN95
Reusable mask, KN95

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A set of respirators - 10 pieces, with two valves, clamps for adjusting the length of the elastic bands, nose foam. Class 2 respirators provide a high level of protection against aerosols and fine toxic dust. Advantages of this face mask: - five layers; - filters up to 99% of solid and liquid particles; - ensuring a reliable adjoining of the mask to the face; - nose clip; - a back exhalation valve, so that during wearing a person does not experience discomfort FFP2 class respirators are designed to be worn by persons if there are risks of possible contact with persons who may be suspected of being a carrier of a viral infection. Reusable use (up to 5 times) is allowed. The valve on the mask effectively removes the generated heat, exhaled air and moisture, reduces the level of fogging of glasses, provides ease of breathing and comfort during use.

Reusable mask KN95. Black colour. View 1 Reusable mask KN95. Black colour. View 2 Reusable mask KN95. Black colour. View 3

Product characteristics

Country of Origin Russia
Equipment respirator with a valve with clamps - 10 pcs.

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