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Antiseptic SEPTO Plus 46144289
Antiseptic SEPTO Plus 46144289

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Alcoholic antiseptic spray for hands and surfaces. Extra strong formula with isopropyl alcohol. Due to the content of glycerin, vitamin E, cotton extract, the antiseptic preserves the natural layer of epithelial tissue, does not dry the skin, does not leave stickiness and does not require rinsing. Due to the alcohol content, it quickly and effectively kills 99.9% of viruses, microbes and pathogenic bacteria, including the Covid-19 virus. It has a liquid consistency, due to which it is used as an antiseptic for any surfaces. An excellent disinfectant, the composition is recommended by WHO.

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Product characteristics

Country of Origin Russia
Equipment spray; Trigger; 1 antiseptic; Antiseptic 1 liter - 1 pc; Antiseptic 5 liter - 1 piece

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