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Skin antiseptic, BioMio
Skin antiseptic, BioMio
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water 6%, ethyl alcohol 71%, glycerin 6%, limonene 5%, panthenol 6%, grapefruit essential oil 6%


BIO-SPRAY antibacterial hand spray with grapefruit essential oil is an effective antiviral protection. The main component of the spray is ethyl alcohol (71%), which kills 99.9% of the most common viruses and bacteria. A special formula with D-panthenol helps preserve the natural softness and tenderness of the skin hands, and grapefruit essential oil, which is part of the gel, gives a feeling of cheerfulness. Does not require rinsing. How to use: apply a small amount of spray on your hands and rub until completely dry. Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol (71% vol), water, panthenol, glycerin, grapefruit essential oil, limonene. Volume: 100 ml

Skin antiseptic BioMio. View 1 Skin antiseptic BioMio. View 2 Skin antiseptic BioMio. View 3 Skin antiseptic BioMio. View 4 Skin antiseptic BioMio. View 5 Skin antiseptic BioMio. View 6

Product characteristics

Packing width 9 cm
Packing height 12 cm
Packing depth 4 cm
Best before date 24
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment 2 pcs. packaged

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