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Oxygen concentrator, ERGOPOWER
Oxygen concentrator, ERGOPOWER
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Uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption, which can separate oxygen, nitrogen and other gases from the air; at a constant temperature, once the power is connected, oxygen that meets the standards of medical use can be separated from the air constantly. Oxygen is generated by a purely physical method. During operation, the concentrator does not affect the percentage of oxygen in the room. Purpose: Oxygen therapy in medical institutions and at home (at home) to produce oxygen concentrations of 90%. Benefits of the concentrator: International state-of-the-art physical and technical technology PSA (pressure swing adsorption). Rapid oxygen supply, 90% purity, selectable oxygen concentration. Can be used 24 hours a day. Working temperature: 10-40С Voltage: variable 220 W, 50 Hz / 110 V, 60 Hz Flow setting range: smoothly adjustable in the range of 1-5 l / min, permissible error 10% Noise level during operation: + -45 dB.

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Additional Information

Shipping weight (kg) 6 kg
Net weight (kg) 5.8 kg
Item Height 32 cm
Item Width 19 cm
Packing width 19 cm
Packing height 32 cm
Packing depth 35 cm
Country of Origin China
Equipment package; filter; instruction; Power cord; Oxygen concentrator

General characteristics

Model ER-204_Oxygen concentrator JAY-3А
Power 85 W

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