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Adult diapers, ID
Adult diapers, ID
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nonwoven fabric 60%, fluff pulp 10%, polyethylene film 30%


ID Protect absorbent diapers are versatile in use, they can serve as additional protection for various surfaces (e.g. bed linen, furniture) from getting wet when used with diapers, absorbent underpants and urological pads, when changing diapers, as well as during various procedures. They perfectly absorb and effectively distribute the liquid. The top layer of the diaper is made of soft, like cotton materials, which ensures comfort when using, and the bottom layer is made of polyethylene film, which prevents leakage. - Excellent absorption - Hypoallergenic - Soft materials for maximum comfort - Versatile to use.

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Product characteristics

Packing width 30 cm
Packing height 20 cm
Packing depth 14 cm
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment 1 pack - 30 pcs

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