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Adult diapers Seni Standart Air, Seni
Adult diapers Seni Standart Air, Seni
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nonwoven 30%, superabsorbent 35%, cellulose 35%


Seni standart Air Large diapers (L 100-135 cm) are classic adult diapers that provide good and proven protection for moderate to severe incontinence. Designed for both active people and people with limited mobility. They are characterized by high consumer properties, provide comfort and safety. The AIR mark informs that the outer layer of the product is made of a vapor-permeable material, so that the skin can breathe freely. The special material of the outer layer allows vapor to pass through but does not allow liquid to pass through, thereby regulating the temperature inside, thereby minimizing the risk of skin irritation. Main characteristics: Waist circumference: L - 100-135 cmAbsorption capacity: 6 drops30 pcs per packHypoallergenic materialElastic waistbandProperties: Breathable.

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Additional Information

Type of diapers Adult diapers; adult diapers L
Packing depth 15 cm
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment diapers 30 pcs

General characteristics

Number of items in the package 30 pcs; 30 pcs in 1 pack

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