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Medical suit, Hexa
Medical suit, Hexa

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spunbond 100%


Surgeon coat. Ster., dl.140 cm pl 25 R. 56-58 Sterile surgical gown. Material: SMS. Length: 140 cm. Density: 25 g/sq.m. Non-woven water-repellent material. Consists of 3 layers: C - spunbond, M - meltblown, C - spunbond. The multilayer structure of the material has high barrier properties - protection against bacteria and infections. Distinctive properties of the material: air permeability, material strength, biological inertness.

Suit medical Geksa. View 1 Suit medical Geksa. View 2 Suit medical Geksa. View 3 Suit medical Geksa. View 4 Suit medical Geksa. View 5

Product characteristics

Country of Origin Russia
Equipment 3 pack.
Floor Male

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