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Medical gown, Amaranth
Medical gown, Amaranth
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Spunbond-SMS-spunbond 100%


Disposable products in modern times are the best solution: for clinics, medical and diagnostic centers, beauty salons, SPA complexes, baths and saunas. Disposable spunbond gowns perfectly cope with their tasks: protect against germs and viruses; keep clothes clean and dry; make customers and employees feel comfortable; emphasize the image of a serious center with a professional approach to clients; reliable, affordable and economical. Velcro disposable gowns are quick and easy to put on and can be taken off and put in the wastebasket in a matter of seconds. It gives two essential pluses: You save time for reception; get rid of additional cash costs, as well as the need to wash and dry reusable products. White colour. Size 2XL. Density 30g/m2, 1 pc.

Dressing gown medical Amaranth. White colour. View 1 Dressing gown medical Amaranth. White colour. View 2 Dressing gown medical Amaranth. White colour. View 3

Product characteristics

Clasp type Velcro
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment - 1 PC
Floor Male

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