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Medical cap, NoName
Medical cap, NoName

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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cotton 35%, polyester 65%


Special headdress Gray surgeon's capThe surgeon's cap is intended for equipping medical workers. Made from high quality blended fabric (65% polyester, 35% cotton). The size can be adjusted with ties at the back. The hat can be washed in a washing machine or by hand at a temperature not exceeding 70 C. It is also recommended for doctors, beauty and health professionals. Size: universal. Color: grey.

Cap medical NoName. Color grey. View 1 Cap medical NoName. Color grey. View 2 Cap medical NoName. Color grey. View 3

Product characteristics

Material texture textile
Packing width 10 cm
Packing height 7 cm
Packing depth 5 cm
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment Surgeon's cap 2 pcs.
Floor Male

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