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Disposable mask, Check
Disposable mask, Check
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Spunbond-Melblown-Spunbond 100%


Three-layer disposable mask with elastic bands with a nose clip. The mask fits snugly to the face, thanks to the nose clip and elastic bands. The three-layer material S-spunbond, M-meltblown, S-spunbond effectively protects against fine dust, moisture and bacteria. The size and density of the mask ensures comfortable wearing for a long time. The use of a medical mask during an epidemic of infections transmitted by airborne droplets, as well as in contact with a sick person, reduces the risk of infection.

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General characteristics

Number of items in the package 150 pcs.

Additional Information

Country of Origin Russia
Equipment 150 pcs; 1 pack - 150 pieces; Medical masks 150 pieces

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