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Respirator, NowGun
Respirator, NowGun

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Respirator mask KN95 with valve 5-layer protective white FFP2. It has been proven that a respirator is more effective than a medical mask. When using a kn95 respirator with a valve, you will be more comfortable - 100%! The exhalation valve effectively removes the resulting heat, air and moisture, will ensure ease of breathing, the face will remain dry, and the glasses will not fog up. All respirators kn95 mask with valve are individually packed. The use time of the KN95 respirator with a valve is up to 12 hours, instead of 2, as in conventional masks. Before reuse, the FFP2 respirator must dry for at least 72 hours. When worn and contaminated, kn95 respirators must be disposed of. The KH95 mask consists of 5 filter layers - non-woven material (spunbond, meltblown), capable of retaining 95% of particles. Respirator with valve KN95 protection class FFP2 is designed to protect the respiratory system from dangerous particles such as aerosols, bacteria, microbes, viruses.

Respirator NowGun. Color white, yellow. View 1 Respirator NowGun. Color white, yellow. View 2 Respirator NowGun. Color white, yellow. View 3 Respirator NowGun. Color white, yellow. View 4 Respirator NowGun. Color white, yellow. View 5

Additional Information

Clasp type valve
Item Height 15 cm
Item Width 10 cm
Packing width 15 cm
Packing height 16 cm
Packing depth 1 cm
Respirator protection class FFP2
Type of respirator Medical respirator with valve
Country of Origin China
Equipment Reusable respirator KN95; Reusable white respirator

Technical features

Product material nonwoven material; Spunbond - meltblown; Spunbond - meltblown - spunbond

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