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Disposable mask, Intrek
Disposable mask, Intrek

Video: Disposable mask, Intrek

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Disposable Face Mask Inspection 101 2023, February




Mask black medical disposable with an elastic band. The mask is three-layer, elasticated, made of non-woven hypoallergenic polypropylene, has good breathability, does not restrict breathing. The mask in the area adjacent to the nose has a flexible insert. It allows you to bend the mask according to the features of the shape of the nose for a snug fit of the edge of the mask to the face. The insert is sealed in a plastic strip, which prevents it from twisting and breaking. Packing 50 pcs

Mask disposable Intrek. Black colour. View 1

General characteristics

Number of items in the package 50 - pcs per pack

Additional Information

Item Height 9 cm
Item Width 17 cm
Packing width 30 cm
Packing height 8 cm
Packing depth 30 cm
Country of Origin China
Equipment 50 pcs; 50 pcs. masks; 50 pcs pack

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