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Reusable mask, Stile&bellezza
Reusable mask, Stile&bellezza

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Video: Lacy FSL protective reusable mask. Кружевная ФСЛ защитная многоразовая маска. 2023, February


synthetic material


Reusable face mask with rhinestones, non-medical purpose, made of lightweight materials, which does not impede breathing. The mask is made of lining and mesh material with rhinestones. There are clamps for adjusting the length of the elastic bands. Suitable for holiday and everyday use. Favorably decorate and complement your image. Face mask with rhinestones, reusable face mask, reusable women's masks, black masks, black reusable mask, reusable black women's mask, mask with lining, dressy mask, protective face mask, protective face mask with rhinestones, protective face mask, reusable female mask, rhinestones for the face, rhinestones on the face, elegant protective mask, elegant mask, mask for evening dress, elegant protective mask, beautiful protective mask.

Reusable mask Stile&bellezza. Silver color, white. View 1

Additional Information

decorative elements Rhinestones shiny
Country of Origin China
Equipment Reusable mask with rhinestones

General characteristics

Number of items in the package 1 PC.

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