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Reusable mask, PROFHENNA
Reusable mask, PROFHENNA

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** PROTECTIVE SCREEN-MASK REUSABLE TRANSPARENT 2 pcs. in a box****A handy, reusable protective shield that keeps out dust and blocks direct access to foreign bodies, moisture particles, splashes, viruses and pathogens. The mask does not irritate the skin, bacteria do not accumulate, even when worn for a long time. Suitable for people of different professions - in the service sector, trade. Wearing a protective mask preserves health. **** The mask is made of high-quality material, the rim is made of durable plastic, the screen is made of thin plastic - transparent, the elastic bands are adjustable, soft and do not cause discomfort when worn. The protective screen is lightweight and therefore does not feel on the face at all. gum 2 pcs. (2 pcs in a box)****Usage: remove the protective film from the plastic screen, adjust the length of the elastic bands for comfortable wear. After wearing, wipe the mask with an antiseptic or wash with soap.**.

Mask reusable PROFHENNA. The color is transparent. View 1 Mask reusable PROFHENNA. The color is transparent. View 2 Mask reusable PROFHENNA. The color is transparent. View 3

Additional Information

Clasp type elastic
decorative elements plastic
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment Mask for the face; Reusable mask with rhinestones; Reusable mask - 2 pcs.; reusable mask with print; transparent face screen; Plastic protective screen mask reusable; reusable mask, reusable mask with print, reusable cotton mask; PROTECTIVE SCREEN MASK REUSABLE; mask for respiratory protection; plastic face mask

General characteristics

Number of items in the package 2 masks

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