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Disposable gloves, AVIORA
Disposable gloves, AVIORA
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Disposable gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride (synthetic material). Powder free. They have less allergenic properties compared to latex products. Gloves for a wide range of applications: food production, cosmetology, home cleaning, etc.

Disposable gloves AVIORA. The color is transparent. View 1

Technical features

Product material Vinyl - 100%; Vinyl (PVC polymer material); Vinyl (PVC)

Additional Information

Max. palm width 10 cm
Product weight with packaging (g) 569.4 g
Packing width 15 cm
Packing height 24 cm
Packing depth 29 cm
Country of Origin China
Equipment 100 pcs 50 pairs; 1 pack - 50 pairs; 100 pcs package; 1 pack 100 pieces; 1 pack 100 pcs

General characteristics

Number of items in the package 100

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