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Disposable gloves, Wally Plastic
Disposable gloves, Wally Plastic

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Powder-free gloves Hypoallergenic elastic gloves made of a mixture of vinyl and nitrile. Gloves have excellent elasticity and flexibility compared to traditional vinyl gloves. An excellent substitute for latex, also known as synthetic, vinyl maxi or soft vinyl gloves. Exam grade gloves exceed ASTM and European CE certification standards for added protection. Unlike otlatex, they do not cause allergies.

Gloves disposable Wally Plastic. Black colour. View 1

Technical features

Product material nitrile

Additional Information

Product weight with packaging (g) 571 g
Packing width 12.7 cm
Packing height 6.6 cm
Packing depth 23.7 cm
Country of Origin China
Equipment 1 pair

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