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Work gloves, Gvardiya
Work gloves, Gvardiya

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Tactical gloves with Kevlar and carbon protection. The knuckles are protected by carbon coated overlays for long life. Kevlar threads additionally protect the phalanges of the fingers and areas on the back of the hand. The outer and inner sides are lined with mountain goat skin, which allows you to maintain the ideal temperature regime in the cold season and prevents moisture from entering. The palm rest is protected by multilayer leather. The wrist is protected from cuts by composite materials made of leather, carbon inserts and Kevlar threads. They are not interchangeable when playing paintball, airsoft. Perfect for hunting, tourism, and other active sports. The carbon knuckle pad ensures a long service life and will reliably protect the hand when shooting, hand-to-hand combat, etc. The cut is made with the expectation of maximum ergonomics and provides a comfortable fit to the hand. Produced by KE Tactical. Temperature range from 0 to +25.

Gloves workers Gvardiya. Color black, brown. View 1 Gloves workers Gvardiya. Color black, brown. View 2 Gloves workers Gvardiya. Color black, brown. View 3

Technical features

Product material Polyester

Additional Information

Product weight with packaging (g) 130 g
Appointment of work gloves protective gloves
Scope of application for hunting
Country of Origin China
Equipment Tactical gloves - 1 pair

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