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Disposable gloves, Intrek
Disposable gloves, Intrek

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Wall Plastic disposable nitrile gloves. Reliable, durable and comfortable, have excellent elasticity and flexibility. The absence of natural components in the composition gives nitrile products hypoallergenic properties. Nitrile gloves can be used for cosmetologists, gloves for salesmen, gloves for cafes, gloves for food production, cleaning gloves, animal care gloves, courier gloves, food preparation gloves, sugaring gloves, repair gloves. Distinctive properties of gloves are lower elasticity in comparison with latex models. This type of hand protection has the following features: The powder-free surface differs from the standard way of manufacturing gloves. Modern technologies allow you to create models that are comfortable to wear and do not stick together due to their texture, and not the presence of powder. The material is nitrile-vinyl.

Gloves disposable Intrek. The color is blue. View 1 Gloves disposable Intrek. The color is blue. View 2

Technical features

Product material vinyl

Additional Information

Max. palm width 10 cm
Product weight with packaging (g) 592 g
Packing width 24 cm
Packing height 7 cm
Packing depth 13 cm
Country of Origin China
Equipment 1 pack 50 pairs

General characteristics

Number of items in the package 50 pairs 100 pieces

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