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Disposable gloves, BENOVY
Disposable gloves, BENOVY

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Disposable nitrile blue gloves are widely used in the field of beauty, in everyday life, and medicine. Essential for depilation, cosmetology, manicure/pedicure, dentists, etc. Resistant to mechanical damage, have a high level of elasticity and flexibility, repeat the bends of the arm, do not violate the integrity due to chemical exposure, and reliably protect against harmful organisms. Gloves are hypoallergenic, not powdered from the inside, do not irritate the skin!!! Nitrile gloves have a rough layer on the fingertips, which is very convenient when working with a tool that has a lubricating layer. The smartphone screen responds perfectly to nitrile gloves, which helps in work and saves your time. Also used for domestic purposes. They will reliably protect hands from contact with detergents, washing powder, paints, solvents, etc. Thus, we can conclude that nitrile gloves are indispensable both in industrial sectors and in the life of an ordinary person.

Disposable gloves BENOVY. Blue color. View 1 Disposable gloves BENOVY. Blue color. View 2 Disposable gloves BENOVY. Blue color. View 3 Disposable gloves BENOVY. Blue color. View 4 Disposable gloves BENOVY. Blue color. View 5

Technical features

Product material Nitrile without impurities

Other features

Transportation not dangerous goods

Additional Information

Max. palm width 10 cm
Product weight with packaging (g) 900 g
Packing width 12 cm
Packing height 22 cm
Packing depth 6 cm
Country of Origin Malaysia
Equipment 100 pairs - 200 pieces

General characteristics

Number of items in the package 200 pcs.

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