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Apron worker, CITY - Overalls
Apron worker, CITY - Overalls

Video: Apron worker, CITY - Overalls

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PVC 100%


Overalls / Working apron / Protective apron / Men's working apron / Universal apron / KShchS apron / Public catering apron / Apron for food production / White apron PVC apron type B (120x100), white. Density 400 gr. Length: 120 cm.

Apron worker CITY - Overalls. White colour. View 1

Product characteristics

Clasp type Ties at the waist
Material texture smooth
Item Height 120 cm
Item Width 100 cm
Scope of application public catering; food production
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment Apron - 1 pc.
Floor Male

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