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Shoe covers, ELG
Shoe covers, ELG

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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ELG polyethylene disposable protection set (shoe covers, apron, sleeves, gloves) 2 sets + ELG souvenir decoration. liquids. Provides complete protection against moisture and dirt. There are 2 sets in the set. Armlets: 4 pieces (2 pairs). Shoe covers: 4 pieces (2 pairs). Apron: 2 pieces. Gloves: 4 pieces (2 pairs).

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Technical features

Product material Polyethylene.

Additional Information

Product weight with packaging (g) 50 g
Packing width 16 cm
Packing height 1 cm
Country of Origin China
Equipment (Shoe covers, apron, sleeves, gloves) - 2 pcs. + Souvenir

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