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Shoe covers, ECO-TEKA
Shoe covers, ECO-TEKA

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Shoe covers Super Extra two-layer with a double elastic band. The thickness of shoe covers is 50 microns. Disposable shoe covers, suitable for long-term wear. Production technology according to TU 22.21.30-004-33186646-2017 involves the use of a polyethylene film of 8 / 15 microns, which is taken as a basis and fused to the desired thickness. Thanks to this technology, shoe covers have the necessary strength and durability.Elastic band: double, soldered along the entire length.Size: 140 mm x 390 mm (adults).Euroblock (box). The package contains 500 pairs, 1000 pieces. Recommended for use in autumn, winter, spring - i.e. in not the most difficult weather conditions. Disposable polyethylene shoe covers made of low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) are used for schools, kindergartens, hospitals and medical institutions, protect against dust and dirt, moisture resistant and durable. Worn over socks or shoes. "Winter" shoe covers, blue (light blue) medical shoe covers for shoes.

Shoe covers ECO-TEKA. The color is blue. View 1 Shoe covers ECO-TEKA. The color is blue. View 2 Shoe covers ECO-TEKA. The color is blue. View 3 Shoe covers ECO-TEKA. The color is blue. View 4

Technical features

Product material HDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)

Additional Information

Country of Origin Russia
Equipment Shoe covers 500 pairs; shoe covers 1000 pcs

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