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One-time coverall, Forshina
One-time coverall, Forshina

Video: One-time coverall, Forshina

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: One Time (Whiney Remix) 2023, February


polypropylene 100%


Casper is a full jumpsuit with a zippered hood. Elastic band runs along the bottom of the sleeve, waistline and hood. The disposable special suit is made of polypropylene (spunbond). This hypoallergenic white non-woven fabric is very light and at the same time quite durable. It is resistant to high humidity, cannot be erased, withstands severe temperature changes and does not accumulate static electricity. Spandbond is breathable, allowing the skin to breathe, and does not cause discomfort while wearing a protective agent. You can wear such a suit even over ordinary clothes, because its owner is guaranteed complete safety of the wardrobe. The scope of the product is quite wide: - automotive and food industry; - agriculture; - medicine; - instrument making; - household activities; - pharmacology and other industries.L-35xW-25xH-4cm.

Forshina disposable overalls. White colour. View 1 Forshina disposable overalls. White colour. View 2 Forshina disposable overalls. White colour. View 3 Forshina disposable overalls. White colour. View 4

Product characteristics

Clasp type lightning
Model Features protection against moisture and dirt
Packing width 25 cm
Packing height 4 cm
Packing depth 35 cm
Country of Origin China
Equipment Protective overalls - 5 pcs.

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