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Medical apron, VladMedSIZ
Medical apron, VladMedSIZ


laminated spandbond 100%


Aprons made of laminated spunbond-PPE for work clothes and skin of personnel from contact with aggressive substances, reagents, and any environment that poses a viral or bacterial threat. PPE is used in medical institutions, in industry, in laboratory conditions, in catering establishments, in everyday life. The main advantage of such products is that they are permeable to air molecules, but do not allow water and various bacteria to pass through. Thanks to this, the staff feels as comfortable as possible in the apron, and biological fluids and chemicals do not get on the clothes and skin of employees. Spunbond aprons are resistant to various mechanical and chemical influences. Due to their high strength, they have protective properties and are treated with a special antibacterial composition. The fabric does not absorb moisture, does not accumulate dirt, is easily cleaned and disinfected. These products are hypoallergenic and do not contain components harmful to human health.

Apron medical VladMedSIZ. Color white, white marble. View 1 Apron medical VladMedSIZ. Color white, white marble. View 2

Product characteristics

Clasp type Tie at back waist
Drawing without picture
Pocket type without pockets
Product weight without packaging (g) 30 g
Model's size 52
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment Apron 1 piece
Floor Male

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