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One-time protective overalls "Casper", Elfarma
One-time protective overalls "Casper", Elfarma

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Spunbond-SMS-spunbond 100%


Protective overalls are made of spunbond, 60g/2 density. effectively eliminate the impact of hazardous factors on the health of workers. - The material is durable, wear-resistant, airtight, does not accumulate static electricity. - For additional and effective protection against the penetration of pollution and fine dust, the front cutout of the hood, the bottom of the sleeve, the volume at the waist of the back, the bottom of the overalls - tightened with elastic tape. - The overalls can be used with filtering gas masks, respirators, goggles, special leg and hand protection. - Wearing is done over the main layer of clothing.

Overalls disposable protective "Casper" Elfarma. View 1

Product characteristics

Clasp type lightning
Sleeve type long
Model's size XLXXL3XL4XL
Scope of application industrial production
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment Casper disposable overall with hood 1 pc
Floor Male

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