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Protective mask, Mark Formelle
Protective mask, Mark Formelle

Video: Protective mask, Mark Formelle

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Video: ЗЫРИНГ ВЛОГ👀Неожиданная эффектная коллекция в Mark Formelle и Conte🙉😻 2023, February


cotton 100%

Protective mask Mark Formelle. White colour. View 1

Additional Information

Clasp type elastic
Drawing No
Material texture knitted
decorative elements without elements; Protective face mask; reusable mask
lining material cotton
Country of Origin Belarus
Equipment mask; Protective mask; protective mask; Smart protective mask; Protective dust mask; Protective mask, reusable protective mask, reusable fabric mask; Reusable protective mask, Face mask, Reusable protective mask, smooth, cotton
Floor Male

General characteristics

Number of items in the package 1 PC.

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