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Wet wipes, refreshing, 72 pcs KAKO 25532261
Wet wipes, refreshing, 72 pcs KAKO 25532261
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non-woven fabric 100%


Very soft wipes for universal use: refresh, cleanse and moisturize the skin. They are based on a non-woven fabric that gently removes dirt from even the most delicate skin. The ecological composition does not include alcohol, so it does not smell, but is made according to a unique recipe from natural essential oils of calendula, chamomile, apricot and plant extracts. Gently cleanses and softens even the most sensitive skin, and at the same time prevents the growth of bacteria. Thanks to its comfortable texture, wipes effectively remove dirt, moisturize and protect sensitive skin. They gently glide over the body without sticking and without leaving an unpleasant film on the surface. The quality of wipes is confirmed by dermatologists.

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Product characteristics

Best before date 36 months
Country of Origin Russia
Equipment wet wipes 72pcs

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