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Voskoplav (wax warmer), Yugohwely
Voskoplav (wax warmer), Yugohwely

Video: Voskoplav (wax warmer), Yugohwely

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Воскоплав однокассетный Wax Warmer 2023, February


Compact and handy jar wax heater is suitable for both beauty parlor and home use. Wax warm-up time 15 minutes. Suitable for all types of sugar paste. Complete set: bucket on 450 ml; aluminum container; impact-resistant plastic cover; thermostat (temperature adjustable from 35 to 100 degrees).

Voskoplav (wax warmer) Yugohwely. White colour. View 1

General characteristics

Model CX 100
Guarantee period No


Nutrition from 220V network

Additional Information

Volume (ml) 450 ml
Product weight with packaging (g) 800 g
Item Height 17 cm
Item Width 24 cm
Packing width 25 cm
Packing height 20 cm
Packing depth 30 cm
Country of Origin China
Equipment package; lid; container; bucket; thermostat

Technical features

Device power 100 W

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